A Quiet Room in Walthamstow

Short film. 15'45’’. 2017.

"A Quiet Room in Walthamstow" stars Lily Smith and Ellie Woodruff-Bryant. It’s written and directed by Tiago Teixeira (HBO’s “The Hypnotist”, “Wrong Number”) and produced by Henrique Fazzio ("Wrong Number").


Press Release

'A Quiet Room in Walthamstow' starts Ellie Woodruff-Bryant (Best Supporting Actor in a Female Role, Julian Awards 2016) and Lily Smith (‘Homeless Ashes’). The film tells a story of a newcomer to London that has to deal with rising rents, intimacy issues and a other worldly landlord. It's an horror film about the housing market.

The film was written and directed by Brazilian filmmaker based in London Tiago Teixeira ('Wrong Number' - FRIGHTFEST 2018 Official Selection and Screenwriter for the HBO show 'El Hipnotizador'). Tiago is currently developing a feature film version of the short with his production company Void to Vortex.

'A Quiet Room in Walthamstow' is produced by Henrique Fazzio ('Wrong Number'). It includes a score by electronic pop artist Lia Mice, was shot by Korsshan Schlauer and cut by award-winning editor Ricardo Saraiva (winner of the Cannes Short Film Palm D'or for LEIDI).

Apart from the London neighbourhood mentioned in the title, the film was actually shot in Peckham, South London, but our hearts (and fears) will always be in Walthamstow.

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Lily Smith

Lily Smith graduated from Guildford School of Acting in 2015. Lily has recently appeared in feature films ‘Blood and Bones’ and ‘Our Little Haven’ by Benjamin Rider. Lily is currently filming as the lead in WWII feature film ‘Sarah’s War’ scheduled for release in 2017.

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Ellie Woodruff-Bryant

Ellie Woodruff-Bryant trained in both classical and contemporary theatre with the National Youth Theatre and graduated from the University of East Anglia with a BA(Hons) in Drama in 2015. Whilst studying Ellie continued to perform both on stage and on radio and played Mag in ‘The Beauty Queen of Leenane’, a role for which she received the Julian Award for ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Female Role’.

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Tiago Teixeira, Director

Director Tiago Teixeira was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and lives in London. He has directed several short films including "Action/Reaction" (Kodak Film School Finalist); "Sobre os Mesmos Passos" and "Boeing Persecution Mania" (Winner of the One Minute Film Festival). He also directed music videos for artists in Brasil and in the UK.

In 2008 and 2009 he was selected twice for the SESC Screenwriting Lab (formerly the regional Sundance Screenwriting lab) with the scripts "Unhappening" and "The Blind Mirror". He came back in 2015 as a consultant.

In the latest years, Tiago has been working as a screenwriter. In 2016 he was a writer in two seasons of the critically-acclaimed HBO series "El Hipnotizador" produced by RT Features ("Call me by your Name").

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Henrique Fazzio, Producer

Henrique Fazzio is a film producer and partner at Void to Vortex. During his career in the music industry, he produced a number of music videos and a documentary. He also managed artists, ran Polvo Records and organized many tours throughout the world.

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Korsshan Schaluer, Cinematographer

Korsshan has been working in the film industry for five years, the first four as an Assistant Director in the Mexican Industry and the last one in the Camera Department in the UK industry. He currently works as a Camera Trainee and Camera Assistant in many TV Dramas, Features, Shorts, and Commercials.


Caterina Da Via, Production Designer

Caterina Da Via is an Italian set and production designer based in London and Venice. Born In Caracas, Venezuela, she has spent her formative year in Italy before moving to England where she received her Bachelor’s degree in architecture from Canterbury School of Architecture and RIBA Part 2 from London Metropolitan University. Caterina has worked as an architect in Italy and Venezuela prior to completing her MFA in Tisch School of the Arts in New York in order to strengthen her passion for film design. Caterina is a Fulbright scholar and her recent theatrical credits include “Motherfucker with the Hat” and “Pale Fire, Nom at Tisch". She has worked as a production designer in the short films “Gregory and Jane” and “The Illusion” (which was nominated for the Golden Berlin Bear in 2009) and as an art director in the short "Shalom Kabul".


Lia Mice, composer

London based experimental pop producer and film score composer Lia Mice was recently crowned “one of the pioneers of experimental pop” by Live and Die in Music. Lia crafts her kaleidoscopic wonderland of cinematic outsider-pop by combining cassettes and half-inch tape machines with modern samplers, drum machines, sequencers, and synthesizers. She draws inspiration from innovative studio/tape composers from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Laurie Anderson, from the otherworldly arrangements of Angelo Badalamenti and from a vast array of electronic artists from Throbbing Gristle to Holly Herndon. The result is “a trip down the rabbit hole, a through-the-looking-glass vision” (The Thousands). Her bespoke compositions have appeared in feature films, shorts, animations and documentaries in the UK, USA, Australia, and France.

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